Why choose Snag?

Now that IOLCF partners with Snag, you'll get preferred, discount pricing. Post your jobs on the #1 hourly network and get access to over 90 million registered job seekers. You'll be able to find great workers, hire them faster and get back to running your business. Our mobile-friendly application gives you the application flow you want and electronic new-hire paperwork makes it easy to get them out on the floor.

Make hiring easier with Snag

  • Built-in Job Postings
    Get access to the #1 network for hourly workers and employers. Post your jobs instantly to maximize reach and applicant flow.
  • Careers Site
    Use a branded, self-service, customizable and mobile-optimized careers site to give applicants a feel for what your jobs and locations are like.
  • Recruiting Services
    Choose from a dozen different tools to give you more candidates, better job seeker engagement and a boost in your brand impressions.
  • Recuiting Platform
    Get recruitment marketing, job posting and applicant tracking all in one easy-to-use hiring platform.
  • Onboarding
    Electronic new-hire paperwork lets you onboard and manage your workforce with ease and compliance.

What Snag customers are saying

Snag has streamlined and refined our entire hiring process. The application process is now paperless, candidates can be reviewed quantitatively and new hire paperwork is completed online then integrates with our payroll. We’ve noticed a definite improvement in the quality of our new hires and a reduction in our turnover rate. It’s an end to end solution that I highly recommend to any Franchisee that wants to increase efficiency and decrease labor costs.
Todd Messer
Executive Director of IOLCF

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